systems engineering

System Level Requirements Documents

  1. CDS_Rev 11 cubesat_standard.pdf Public Domain
  2. ELaNa4_CubeSat_to_P-POD_ICD_1.0.M.72.01-DraftX1.1.pdf Internal Document
  3. PPOD_Requirements_PRCB_Final_LSP-REQ-317.01_072409[1].pdf Public Domain
  4. CubeSat CRADA_CRSII_TJHS_20110622.docx Internal Document

TJHSST System Document List

  1. TJ3SAT Test Plan and Requirements Verification Matrix
  2. TJ3SAT Concept of Operation
  3. TJ3SAT Functional Test Plan
  4. TJ3SAT Vibration Test Plan
  5. TJ3SAT Thermal Cycle Test Plan
  6. TJ3SAT Thermal Vacuum Bakeout Test Plan
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