Systems Requirements Review

The Systems Requirements Review is scheduled for October 5th from 2:20 PM to 3:50 PM.

Presentation Content

  • Mission Statement or Goals - top level description of the purpose of the mission
  • Mission Objectives (Level 0 requirements) - Discrete goals or objectives that should be met by the mission to qualify mission success. (Approximately 4 to 10)
  • External Requirements (Level 0 requirements) - These are requirements imposed from outside sources (you, me, launcher, etc). i.e. TJSat shall use the CubeSat Kit. TJSat shall adhere to the CalPoly CubeSat ICD.
  • System (Level 1) requirements - these should be spacecraft requirements. Everyone of them should be traceable to a Level 0 requirement (either a mission objective or a external requirement). Conversely every level 0 should drive at least one Level 1 requirement, otherwise it brings into question the need for a level 0.
  • Subsystem (Level 2) requirements - these may not be fully defined by the SRR, but the more they have, the easier it will be to judge whether they are going down the right path. Again every L2 should trace back to an L1, and every L1 should have at least one L2.

Important Information

  • It has been requested that only 2 students present. This process will be in continuous rotation, so if you do not get the opportunity to present on the 5th, you can have that opportunity during another presentation.
  • L1 and L2 should indicate whether how you feel the requirement will be verified (I, A, D, T)
  • Every requirement should be numbered using a hierarchal numbering scheme, i.e. 1.2.3 is a L2 requirement flowing from L1 #2.
  • Presentation should include a brief synopsis of last year's work and how they arrived at the current payload.
  • Budgets should not be included. However, you should present which budgets you plan to implement (mass, power, UL link and DL lin) at a minimum).
  • Includewhat your margin goals are and margin release plan is going to be.
  • Do not include any talk about implementation, design choices and the like.
  • The whole presentation will likely be 60 mins tops. This allows time for the audience to ask questions.


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