Payload Overview

The primary payload of the TJ3Sat is a TextSpeak module, which converts serial data into spoken voice. Coupled with the Stensat Radio, coded data will be transmitted to the satellite and will be relayed back to Earth over an Amateur Radio frequency. While TJ3Sat is in orbit, our ground station will host a website that details data and transmission to and from the satellite. This data will be made available to the public and will become the main catalyst for educational outreach. From the website, students can submit strings of text to have uploaded during the next available satellite communication. Submissions will be screened to prevent offensive and crude messages from being broadcasted.

Additionally, several sensors in TJ3Sat will relay voltage, current, and temperature information so that the status of the satellite can be analyzed.

We hope that other schools will run mathematical simulations on our data so that they may learn from the satellite as we do.

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