Exposure to mentors with engineering backgrounds gives the students the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, answer questions, and learn new materials. We are always looking for individuals interested in donating time to work with the students. Currently our mentorship opportunities include:

Topic Volunteer Organization
C&DH John Brunschwyler Orbital
Frequency Coordination Art Feller AMSAT
Ground Station John Brunschwyler Orbital
Integration, Testing, and Launch Marcel Hammond Orbital
Power Hannah Goldberg JPL
Power Kevin Doherty Stensat
Software John Brunschwyler Orbital
Systems Engineering Carlos Niederstrasser Orbital
Structures Tom Dragone Orbital
Telecom Hannah Goldberg JPL
Telecom Ivan Galysh Stensat
Telecom Kevin Doherty Stensat
Testing Megan Paulette Orbital
Quality Control Calvin Cannon Orbital

If you would like to volunteer to speak about one of the above topics or have a new topic to present, please email the project at moc.liamg|tasebucjt#moc.liamg|tasebucjt

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