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26 AUG 2011

Since last year, the FM430 board has been replaced with an ATMEL based board using the Arduino boot loader and development environment.

All wiring issues have been fixed and verified with this new board, dubbed "ArduSat".

The ArduSat also has additional features described in another section of this website.

Re: Integration Problems by brunschwylerbrunschwyler, 26 Aug 2011 16:20

Here's the format that i think would work best, just make it one line and have the following:

Stv, DATA; Stc, DATA; Stt, DATA; Sbv, DATA; Sbc, DATA; Sbt, DATA; S1v, DATA; S1c, DATA; S1t, DATA; S2v, DATA; S2c, DATA; S2t, DATA; S3v, DATA; S3c, DATA; S3t, DATA; S4v, DATA; S4c, DATA; S4t, DATA; Bt, DATA; Bv, DATA; Bc, DATA;

All data in numbers with decimals

Stv = Solar Panel Top voltage
Stc = Solar Panel Top current
Stt = Solar Panel Top temperature

Sbv = Solar Panel Bottom voltage
Sbc = Solar Panel Bottom current
Sbt = Solar Panel Bottom temperature

S1v = Solar Panel 1 voltage
S1c = Solar Panel 1 current
S1t = Solar Panel 1 temperature

S2v = Solar Panel 2 voltage
S2c = Solar Panel 2 current
S2t = Solar Panel 2 temperature

S3v = Solar Panel 3 voltage
S3c = Solar Panel 3 current
S3t = Solar Panel 3 temperature

S4v = Solar Panel 4 voltage
S4c = Solar Panel 4 current
S4t = Solar Panel 4 temperature

Bt = Battery temperature
Bv = Battery voltage
Bc = Battery current

Software to Web by StudentAStudentA, 04 Mar 2011 19:52

I started making an excel document and took pictures excel doc is attached.

Assembly Procedure by Nicholas AllegroNicholas Allegro, 04 Mar 2011 16:05
brunschwylerbrunschwyler 23 Jan 2011 19:44
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Full todo list.


Could you update the Contact information and other stale data on the site?

Pick some activities to be done by March.


by brunschwylerbrunschwyler, 23 Jan 2011 19:44

PWB Revisions made by Alishan January 4, 2011

Battery Board
1. R8 changed to 39kohm
2. R7 changed to 3kohm
3. Do not solder positive tab of battery (B1?) to PWB
4. Jumper positive tab of battery B1 to RBF Pin 1?
5. Jumper RBF Pin 2? to battery board B1 positive pad

Payload Board
1. Remove R2
2. Bridge R1
3. Jumper J1.8 on Textspeak to H1.33

Antenna Board
1. No changes – fully populate
2. Purchase 6x2 Samtec Headers

Radio Board
1. Desolder Tx/Rx SMA
2. Jumper H1.12 to H1.20
3. Jumper H1.19 to H2.22
4. Remove 0ohm resistor
5. Jumper H2.8 to 0ohm pad

PWB Revisions by AlishanAlishan, 04 Jan 2011 16:16
Re: To Do List
Nicholas AllegroNicholas Allegro 15 Nov 2010 18:52
in discussion To-Do List / Nick » To Do List

List of Sections that need to be updated in the document (details highlighted in attached/uploaded document):

section 2 Applicable Documents
section 3.2 Test Equipment and Traceability and Calibration
section 3.3 Fail-Safe Test Equipment Provisions
section 3.4 Personnel equipment and Safety
section 5.2 Initial Test Details
section 6.3 Conduct of Testing
section 7.4 Y-Axis Random Vibration
section 7.6 Z-Axis Random Vibration
sections 8-15 Thermal Chamber Test Setup – Appendix E: Unit Level
Test Readiness Review Checklist

"I would recommend including the full testing procedures in Appendices to
your document, with a note on which Orbital document you took it from.
That way the students can become familiar with the procedure and get a
lot of questions answered before the test begins." - Lori

Re: To Do List by Nicholas AllegroNicholas Allegro, 15 Nov 2010 18:52

I talked to Lori Brookes about the discrepancies between our document and theirs. What she said is highlighted in the attached copy of the testing procedures.

Re: To Do List
AlishanAlishan 26 Oct 2010 14:22
in discussion To-Do List / Nick » To Do List

-Testing Procedures

-We need to be able to get the ground station to communicate with the EDU and we have to be able to load code. Both of us should work to reach that point.

Re: To Do List by AlishanAlishan, 26 Oct 2010 14:22
To Do List
a-kempa-kemp 25 Oct 2010 17:36
in discussion To-Do List / Nick » To Do List

Items that need to be accomplished:

To Do List by a-kempa-kemp, 25 Oct 2010 17:36
Lori Brooks (guest) 21 Oct 2010 19:05
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Full todo list.

I could not find the documents mentioned on this site. If even the drafts could be uploaded, I think it will reveal other items that need work.

by Lori Brooks (guest), 21 Oct 2010 19:05
Re: Weekly Journal
AlishanAlishan 21 Oct 2010 15:42
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Weekly Journal

Week 5

Short, but productive, week. Tried to figure out if our equipment was capable of properly testing the satellite, found vacuum chamber isn't capable enough but despite that, the more testing the better. Also tried to program the EDU, but still need to find certain commands to verify operation. Also gathered juniors and new Excelsior recruits to meet with Mr. Niederstrasser. Made another attempt to communicate with satellites, didn't work. We found out that the lighting surge protector had blown, so there was no signal contact between antenna and radio. Direct connection to a handheld radio didn't work, but next week we shall attempt to communicate with a direct connection.

Re: Weekly Journal by AlishanAlishan, 21 Oct 2010 15:42
Re: Weekly Journal
AlishanAlishan 21 Oct 2010 15:41
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Weekly Journal

Week 4

This week, most of the work involved getting the EDU to interface with CCE. We successfully managed to to get CCS (not CCE) to work with one of our boards. The next step is to interface CCS with the EDU. We also made more successful communications with other satellites.

Re: Weekly Journal by AlishanAlishan, 21 Oct 2010 15:41
Re: Weekly Journal
AlishanAlishan 21 Oct 2010 15:39
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Weekly Journal

Week 3

Went to Orbital to pick up the EDU over the weekend. Couldn't find the binder of documentation, still need to get that. Spent most of the week trying to communicate with satellites. Was successful in some cases. Verified ground station was working (pointing in the right direction, and made communication with handheld radios). Wisp DDE continuously crashed, antenna had to be adjusted manually. Seems to working correctly right now. Tried to get the EDU to interface with CCE, but was unsuccessful. Was also unsuccessful with 430 board. Need to figure out how to get this to work (perhaps by getting the exact software used at Orbital).

Re: Weekly Journal by AlishanAlishan, 21 Oct 2010 15:39
Re: Weekly Journal
AlishanAlishan 21 Oct 2010 15:33
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Weekly Journal

Week 2

So now we decided to move the ground station to the other room, so we did. Punched a hole through the wall, routed cables, and set up the computer. I finished off the first copy of the master to-do list and got together with the juniors once again. This was the first week for 8th periods, so I initiated a recruitment of new minions during Excelsior Aerospace Club. By the end of this week, the ground station was functioning with the computer.

Re: Weekly Journal by AlishanAlishan, 21 Oct 2010 15:33
Weekly Journal
AlishanAlishan 21 Oct 2010 15:33
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Weekly Journal

Week 1

Right, this week involved getting things back in order. I brought the TJ computer back from Orbital, looked through the files, and we attempted to interface with the ground station wirelessly. This started in the first week of school and continued into the first week of actual work. I also discussed the next steps needed to be done with Mr. Brunschwyler and continued working on the master to-do list. I also met with the juniors for the first time in the school year for a quick status update.

Weekly Journal by AlishanAlishan, 21 Oct 2010 15:33

Alright, I will post a copy my weekly journal here.

Re: Full todo list. by AlishanAlishan, 15 Oct 2010 14:25

Added Descriptions to pin ports (in red)

ALSO, Load as much information as possible to this site. And organize the site for more efficient use. Include an on-line notebook.

Be mindful of technology transfer.

[jrb 5 OCT 10]

Re: Full todo list. by brunschwylerbrunschwyler, 05 Oct 2010 20:56

Uploaded "H1-2 Interfaces Cubesat Wiring 100907.xls"

Please review to verify for accuracy and understand the potential issues that are identified on the summary tab

17 sep 2010 [jrb]

Re: Electrical Schematics by brunschwylerbrunschwyler, 17 Sep 2010 15:39
Full todo list.
AlishanAlishan 14 Sep 2010 15:36
in discussion To-Do List / Alishan » Full todo list.

• Flight Hardware
o Need Charge Number for Sammy to populate the rest of the boards
o Move unfinished flight boards and parts from ECWC to Manekin lab. Complete each board kit
 Solar panels top/bottom (minimum of 4 boards)
 Solar panels side (minimum of 8 boards)
 Battery board wiring diagram update and distribution to the team (also update the revision or date on the drawing. update to reflect H1/H2)
 Battery board (minimum of 2 boards. Do not install battery cells at this time. include updated wiring to incorporate RBF switch)
 Payload board wiring diagram update and distribution to the team (include a revision or date on the drawing. update to reflect H1/H2)
 Payload board wiring (minimum 2 boards). Include trace modifications and determine if TextSpeak module must be conformal coated prior to installation)
 Antenna board (minimum of 2 boards). Wait on installation of tuning coils and whips until after EDU is assembled and tested.
 Radio board - Get Flight Radio from TJ. Update wiring diagram to reflect modifications required.
 Radio board wait on modification of RF connectors until implemented and tested on EDU
 Radio board - modify 2 flight boards
o Update Parts List -Wills and Lucy
 New Standoffs
 Add antenna board coils
 Add conformal coat
 Add white wire
 Add flux for antenna whips
 Update master part list
 Compare and document the EDU As-Built versus As-Designed - update the design
o Check how long the battery takes to charge
o Solve problem with antenna board SMA connectors
o Connect Kevin Doherty on antenna deployment -Wills and Lucy
 Coil
 What equipment?
 How?
 When?

• Flight Software
o Code doesn’t talk to payload board, possible options:
 Contact Mason and see if he knows a simple solution
 Share hardware UART with sensor
 See if there’s some method to share transmit line
 Use radio UART
• Need to see if it works electrically
o Add watchdog timer
o Add automatic load shedding to keep batteries charged on low battery voltage
o Refine telemetry sample times
o Add code to store reset count in DS2438 Flash
o Add code to determine realtime count from DS2438
o Test telemetry sampling code from DS2406
o Write software test plan including stress testing cases
 commanding flood
 recovery from dead battery
 no 'sun' to test load shedding
 long duration without any commands
 corrupt commands
 commanding out of sequence payload operation

• Ground Software
o Use ground station to track another Cubesat or amateur satellite - decode the data
o Write ground station description - describe each major function, describe data types and commands
o Make the ground station software use the spacecraft software header file to get updated command and telemetry list?
o Store Data to File
o Read Data from File
o Display Stored Data
o Convert Data to Engineering Units
o Finish up Graphical User Interface
o Devise Error Checking Methods
o Set up a Visual Display of the Source Code
o Create a fully functioning web interface including test plan by uninformed users
o Interface with Google Earth

• Testing
o Flash Testing Solar Panels - why is this needed? what test can be performed to answer the "why"
Have to use RF cables here
 Determine the exact physical configuration of the spacecraft while in the chamber
 Determine when in the integration flow is the spacecraft thermal vacuum tested
 Determine if the spacecraft is turned on during TVAC. If so, how is the communication and power connected to the spacecraft?
 Draw a picture or take a photograph of the TVAC setup with spacraft and support equipment
 If the antenna is integrated into the spacecraft, determine how it is deployed for use if needed
o Vibration Testing - Contact Mr. Hammond regarding this. -Wills and Lucy
o Vibration Testing - Show the TJ table spectrum from the Taurus or CalPoly vibration spectrum - use a mass model and test accelerometers
o Antenna Deployment at ambient, low voltage, cold, and hot temperatures
 Multiple deployments on the EDU

• Documentation
o Mass Budget
o Update Power Budget
o Update the Parts List
o Must document assembly of the EDU in pictures and words.
o Make a video of the assembly order and process for the spacecraft

• License Update
o Make sure all agreements are up to date.
o Acquire HAM Radio Licenses -Wills and Lucy

• NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative Proposal
o Update it
o Edit whatever necessary

Formatting slightly off, will fix.

Full todo list. by AlishanAlishan, 14 Sep 2010 15:36
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