Benchtop Design Review (BDR) - Dec 19, 2008

Orbital Presentation Requirements (Check for redundancy)

Each section (systems and each subsystem) should at the very least include all the following detail:

* Block diagram of the system/subsystem
* Relevant budgets (power, mass, link, memory, etc)
* Design description of the subsystem
* List of all the hardware components and their status (in house, on order, prototyped, etc)
* List of ALL the work still needed to complete the subsystem. Be detailed. Don't just say "build solar panels" but lists all the tasks (attach leads, lay down kapton, epoxy cells, solder cells, etc)
* REALISTIC schedule for accomplishing that work (be advised that coming up with an overly optimistic schedule will just cause you headaches down the road. This is your chance to be really honest with yourself)
* List of risks, challenges or unknowns

Excerpt of email from Mr. Carlos Niederstrasser

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